Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Mirth, Program-style

A last-minute blizzard has kept Curvacia and I from fulfilling our familial obligations for the season, but we've somehow managed to make do (hint: the keys to my coping mechanism are at the bottom of a rum bottle)... Thankfully, we have a CUSTOM MADE X-MESS TREE and a BOOTLEG YULE LOG VIDEO to keep us cozy whilst the wintry elements rage outside.

xmess setup

Check out these key-razy Nutcrackers-- Dracula and Frankenstein making a rare off-season appearance!

xmess fire 2

xmess fire

And here is the magic levitating tree that Curvacia assembled for us this year-- absurdly stylish and 100% cat safe! How does she always manage to be the greatest person ever?

xmess tree

My daughter is coming up this weekend to help help us see the rest of the year out... More adventures to follow! Until then, wishing you and yours a very merry-merry!


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