Thursday, December 17, 2009

All I want for X-mess is...

1. A trip to the Alamo Drafthouse for the special screening of CHRISTMAS EVIL with director Lewis Jackson!

2. A CHIN. Sure, I look a regular joe from the front:
From the front... CHIN!

But when you see me in profile, everything goes to S-H-I-T:
From the side... NO CHIN!  Where did it go?

Seriously-- it's like someone slapped me in the face with a shovel, Loony Tunes-style.Is there an equivalent of a boob job for the male chin? If so, it's a procedure I'd enjoy looking into.

3. The Return of WIZARD VIDEO! My life is much emptier now that the local video store is no longer populated with oversized clamshells of the greatest horror movie art in the history of the form. Observe:

crimson vhs front4
robot holocaust vhs front2
slave girls from beyond infinity wizard vhs ad
dreamaniac vhs front2
headless eyes vhs front
best of sex and violence wizard vhs front
mutant hunt vhs front2

4. FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS. That's all the money I would need to buy THIS...


...and jump start production on my next movie.


On A Magic Carpet...


  1. You don't normally look so chinless in profile. you are doing that on purpose.

    I get this here blog on my google reader. As such, I don't really pay attention to which blog is what, and was quite surprised to see your face staring back at me from the screen.

    good luck on the 1500 bucks.

  2. We have the same chin. I grew a goatee, it's like a furry prosthetic chin.

  3. Those are some amazing covers! I have doubts that the contents could be as wonderful.

    RE: the male chin: BEARD! Next thing you know, you're all fuzzy Leno.

  4. I had a pointy, Maynard Krebs-style goatee (VanDyke?) for a spell-- maybe it's time for a return to those days?

  5. I love, love, love Christmas Evil. That, "Black Christmas, and Rene Cardona's "Santa Claus" are my three favorites.

    Y'know, your chin looks fine to me. I think you're looking at it too much.

  6. Yes, Virginia, chin implants DO exist. Or you could always ask Rumer Willis to donate some of hers. Poor, poor girl. Living proof that the exceedingly pretty should not breed with each other. They should donate their genes to the pleb pool, instead.