Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Scans from old issues of SUPPRESSED and CONFIDENTIAL magazines that I picked up for cheap cheap CHEAP at the antique mall a few weeks back. Any tabloid that has queer celebrity gossip, bootlegging exposes, nudie pics, and ads for handguns, novelty gags, and stag films ALL IN THE SAME ISSUE gets high marks in my book. OBSERVE!

Confidential Magazine
Suppressed Magazine
John Wayne's John
Government Girls
Modern Bootlegging
Strange Desires, Part 1
Strange Desires, Part 2
Men Only!
Nights on the Nile
Blooming Pansies, Part 1
Blooming Pansies, Part 2
8MM Movies on approval!
Teen-Age Terrorists
Sexy Love Triangle
Fashion King

PS. If any of you haven't read the book MR. CONFIDENTIAL yet, now's the time-- I guess it's being turned into a musical!


  1. I want ALL of those Frederick's clothes!

  2. All this time, I didn't realize that Frederick had a face. AND a lofty crown, to boot!