Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Comings and Goings

Blogger Vacation™ continues until I finish this goddamn screenplay.

BUT BUT BUT, as this also functions as the official band blog, I have to break in from time to time to give updates... This is one such time.

Item the FIRST! Our most recent pairing with Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds was a rip-roaring success. We couldn't ask for a more lovable group of degenerate rock stars to pay visit to our humble midwestern burgh.

KCC was even nice enough to snatch a photo with Curvacia and myself on the Jackpot patio-- like so:

Item the SECOND! Allison at WILL YOU BE MY +1? was kind enough to send some love our way-- via a naughty-but-nice dissertation on our ode to 60's stripping housewives, NUDIE WATUSI. Her thoughts?

"Diving into the first verse is like a bite of a sundae after not having one for a while…a spoonful of delicious nostalgia.

“Now everybody knows/ the peppermint twist/ and you can do the alligator/ and it goes like this/ you’ve been mashing those potatoes/ since the day you were born….”

Harkening back to old dance crazes, it’s what you expected, and what you wanted. It’s also all one long pick-up line…that is, if the “nudie watusi” Manilow finally invites us all to do is what I think it is. (I think so.)"

We here at Spook Light Central couldn't agree more, obviously. Thanks for the kind words, Allison!

Item the THIRD! Witness some sonic noiseplay and stellar footwork from our recent gig at the 8th Street Taproom.

Now, some of y'all may have hear about this big Garage Fest that's coming to town next month:

Needless to say, some of us were a bit heartbroken over the lack of local acts on this bill, so we've assembled a few of our best and brightest for a pre-show at the Replay the night before... if anyone out there in bloggerland happens to be in Lawrence that night, stop on in and say "Hello!" We're always happy to make new friends!

Until next time, I remain...


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Howl of the Nightmare!

Still on Blogger Vacation™ for a least another week or two-- trying to wrap up our MUSIC VIDEO, our NEW RECORDING, and get prepped for our second gig with KID CONGO POWERS! All very exciting things, and all things which, combined with the screenplay, are keeping my free time completely OVERBOOKED.

For now, please enjoy this awesome monster we made this summer. My daughter wrote it AND stars in it--I like to think she has a real future as a multi-media personality ahead of her (maybe as a late night horror host?)... Ladies and germs, I'm proud to present HOWL OF THE NIGHTMARE!!!!