Monday, October 26, 2009

Opening Night!

I can't believe I missed an entire week without posting a single update. I feel like the victim of UFO-influenced time loss or something. I'm surprised the universe didn't fold in on itself during my absence. Perhaps it did, and what I'm experiencing now is no longer reality, but the overlap of dimensional sheaves as our existence is wadded together like a ball of paper... What an exciting time to be alive!

Anyhoo, last week was entirely consumed by the movie-- wrapping up the final edit, polishing up the press releases, getting some last-minute handbills cast around town-- which all pad off on opening night, which began with a three hundred-deep line pouring into the theater and ended with a standing ovation from the balcony. Hot stuff! Hot stuff!


EDIT: There's a whole slew of new images from the premiere--including the drunken fiesta that happened afterward-- up to browse HERE.

I tried to get pictures of scenes projected across the BIG SCREEN-- while I was to drunk to capably adjust our camera in the dark, I think the end result is something more interesting:


From what I remember, a good time was had by all (although the theater attendants had a difficult time removing us from the theater in our drunken stupor-- we wanted to stay and watch it all night!), and I can't wait to do it again in another 2-3 years when we've finished the next movie.

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