Friday, October 9, 2009

Murder, They Played

I've had my eye on this game at the antique mall for a while:

Murder She Wrote (box)

It's only five or six bucks, I don't know why I haven't picked it up yet. Aside from being a huge MURDER, SHE WROTE fan, I'm a sucker for board games that allow you to murder off the other players.

Which brings me to this:

13 Dead End Drive (box)

13 Dead End Drive (board)

How did I not know this game ever existed? Am I just old enough that I missed out when it happened? Or was it so small potatoes that it zipped under my radar at the time?

From Wikipedia:

The story behind the game indicates the death of a wealthy old woman triggers feuding over her will. The players utilize traps located on the game board, which represents a mansion, to kill characters controlled by other players in order to claim the estate for themselves.

I just checked it out: 100 SMACKAROOS on Amazon. Oh, well. Guess it was never meant to be.


  1. Very cool. Speaking of board games dealing with MURDER, my ex-husband and I were playing CLUE the other night. And my CLUE board is AWESOME! I got it at a thrift store for like a buck and it's super sixties looking, hell, it might even be original. Yay for board games!

  2. We picked up one of those "vintage" style Clue boards, the kind that comes in the old-school wooden box... I haven't been able to play it any other way since!