Friday, October 16, 2009

Never, EVER Feed Them After Midnight!


I was just turned on to THIS SITE which hosts dowloadable versions of all those READ-ALONG ADVENTURES records... including every installment of the 5-part GREMLINS adaptation!

As a kid, I remmeber pestering my folks to take me to Hardee's every week until the newest record came out. I must have collected four or five of each one... I have no idea what happened to any of them. Like most of my childhood coolness, they drifted away over the passing years.


Luckily, I'm now able to relive those sweet, sweet memories from the comfort of my own computer desktop. Ain't science something?

My love of all things Gremlin-related was somehow genetically transferred to my daughter, who along with a healthy obsession with the macabre has also developed into quite an artist. Observe:


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  1. I picked those records up at a garage sale as a kid, but neglected to get them out of the car before they warped. No matter, I listened to them constantly anyway. I think they were much improved by the alteration.