Saturday, October 31, 2009

No More Days Till Halloween

What are YOU doing to prepare for tonight's festivities? Why not start out with a jaunt through the following videos?

HALLOWEEN III is the best part of the series. Michael Myers can take a flying leap to Fuckyourselfville, for all I care. Why make room for him in a movie that already features killer androids, evil wizards, children with melting heads, a hypnotic flashing pumpkin that activates a magic death ray, and the testicular acting talents of one Mr. TOM ATKINS? God I love this movie. It should be playing on television every night, on every channel, for all eternity.

For some reason, this educational film only ENCOURAGES me to harass elderly drunks on Halloween. Maybe it's just the kid in me, I don't know:

And this cartoon always played before the HEADLESS HORSEMAN cartoon on the Disney Channel when I was a kid. For Pavlovian reasons, I still get wired for something frightening whenever I see it:

As always, THE SPOOK LIGHTS will be minding the store over at The Jackpot Music Hall, serving up a horrifying slice of, um, something really scary and such for everyone brave enough to attend.


(Extra special thanks to our pal Johnny Garfunkle for these fang-tastic screen printed posters-- they get better and better every year!!!)