Saturday, September 19, 2009

Terror in the Crypt of Haunted Fear!

Every year we eagerly anticipate the newest incarnation of SPIRIT: THE HALLOWEEN STORE! And every year, we are alternately delighted and repulsed by the latest and greatest in seasonal shenanigans.

I brought along a camera this year to document our annual pilgrimage. We managed to squeeze in fifteen minutes or so of photographs before one of the employees ordered us to stop taking pictures "for SECURITY reasons."

Luckily, we got everything we needed before they sicced the goon squad on us. Feel free to use these pictures to help sponsor an Al Quaeda-style takeover of Halloween, 2009:

Lair of the executioner
Need a hand
Aw, Rats
Chain of Heads
Toxic Friend
Crypt of Really Scary Shit
Which Witch
dead babies
Ma n Pa
Mr Grabby Hands
Baby Satan

I would like to make an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT-- as of NOW, Halloween Season 2009, the following costumes are absolutely FORBIDDEN until the end of forever:

Insane Clown Posse-themed "Scary Carnival" bullshit...
bad clowns

Adult Baby Accessories...
Adult Baby 2
Adult baby 3

All forms of SEXY WITCHERY...
stripperwitch 2
stripperwitch 1

Frat-party-ready DRINKIN' AND SCREWIN'! costumes...
Lame Keg Costume
Lame Socket Costume

And, of course, ALL FORMS OF RACE-BASED CARICATURES. Seriously, what century is this? If places like this could get away with selling blackface, you know they would.
White Bear
MC Poser

Of course, I'm always happy to see some of the old classics sticking around. Two of my personal favorites being GORILLA MASKS and OVERSIZED CARTOON HANDS:

Cartoon hands

I'll report back with an update on our haul soon, but right now we gotta get our asses to Kansas City and play a goddamn rock show!


  1. We hit the Spirit here in STL last week and they had a bunch of great stuff, I especially liked the demon babies... did you see the one with the head that spins?

  2. Yeah, the spinning baby head was super cool. I almost picked one up, actually, but I was already spending too much scratch.

  3. Haha, I can't stop laughing at this post! It's like you read my mind! If you only knew how many times Shaun and I joke about the "plug and socket" costumes. We have a store around here called (!) and we look forward to checking it out every year.

    Sexy Witchery! Ahahaha!