Monday, September 14, 2009

Kong Awaits!

I was jolted last year by THIS POST at Secret Fun Spot. As a child, Dinosaur World (or Land of Kong as it was then known) was the site of my fondest vacation memories. My parents took us there on a whim after visiting Silver Dollar City (a spectacle which deserves an entire blog of its own someday) and my child-brain was immediately melted by the SHEER AWESOME POWER of it all. Even as an adult, reflecting on that vacation, I always had trouble believing that something that incredible could ever exist in the world... So, of course, I convinced Curvacia to revisit the magic with me.

It took some searching, but we finally found it, buried deep in the hills of northern Arkansas. Little did I know our visit to Dinosaur World would be one of the last visits anyone would pay there, ever.

welcome to dinosaur world!
dino kiss
Land of Kong!
Jurassic Pork
Not a nice thing to do.
Kong Awaits!


  1. Love it! Great stuff. I'll have to seek it out.

  2. Hey, Doc! Nice to see you again! How's kicks?