Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You gotta GET IN to GET OUT!

Quick! Someone loan me 1.5 million bucks-- THE AMITYVILLE HORROR HOUSE is for sale!!!!

Do me this one favor, and I promise to invite all of you over for a big slumber party-- just us Spook Lights, you friends, a family of irate ghouls, and JODY the fucking PIG.


  1. i wonder how many geeks out there are pondering the same thing?...(I did too!)

  2. Jody the Pig scared the CRAP out of me while reading that book. I saw glowing pig eyes everywhere.

  3. I STILL DO.

    And Professor-- if the house is sitting there abandoned, it might be worth a road trip to squat in it for a while.

  4. You just know it's getting patrolled like mad fuck, though.

    How many bedrooms is it? Because you could totally get like, 28 people with decent credit to all go in on it. Like a timeshare, only with glowing demon pig eyes.