Thursday, July 22, 2010

Going, Going, GONER

And now, a seasonal, hot-weather update from THE SPOOK LIGHTS!

We're still mid-recording, chipping away at this thing slowly but surely. Despite some unforeseen delays in the creative process, I fully expect that we'll be mixing this thing by the time the leaves turn brown.

Meanwhile: is anyone interested in a copy of our 7-inch? Red vinyl, screenprinted covers, and two great songs for the low-low price of FREE! I've got a handful of them to give away, mostly because I just want to get the songs into circulation, so if you want a copy or know of a good place to send one, drop me a line in the comments and we'll work out the details...

In other news, Curvacia and I got our 4-day passes to this year's GONERFEST, which means our Autumn just got 100% more Memphis-y! It pains me to report that we'll have to bow out of our opening spot with the OHSEES that same week (SADNESS!!!!) -- but it's a small price to pay for seeing the holy trifecta of OBLIVIANS, NEW BOMB TURKS, and motherfucking GUITAR WOLF!

This will be my first experience with them since the death/ reincarnation of Bass Wolf-- but if the new lineup is even HALF as solid as the version I saw ten years back (when they rolled through town with THE CRAMPS, no less!), our money will be more than well spent.

If you haven't seen SORE LOSERS, the movie these clips were taken from yet, do yourself a favor. Director John Michael McCarthy toured this movie and its follow up, SUPERSTARLET AD through Lawrence a decade or so back... The idea of touring an underground movie through rock clubs like a band was a pretty inspirational concept to me at the time. His newest pic, THE CIGARETTE GIRL, looks pretty astounding as well:

PSS: If anyone is interested, here's a bunch of pictures from last year's Memphis trip-- a pilgrimage to see the almighty GORIES in action!-- CLICK HERE and browse away. Hopefully this trip is just as rocking but with less car-hitting-deer action.

Post Show blues


  1. hey, i'd like a copy of the 45!

    my favorite McCarthy film is Teenage Tupelo...

  2. Shoot me your address in an email: scarumharum[at]

    Teenage Tupelo s fantastic. I haven't given it a spin in a while-- maybe that would be a good one to prep me for our Memphis trip!

  3. gonerfest, YAY! have tons of fun. wish i was going. i only went to one a few years ago, which i still think was one of the most amazing lineups (carbonas, marked men, gentleman jesse, nobunny with a surprise sneaky pinks set, okmoniks, busy signals, tokyo electron, soo much more!)

    if you wanted to send a copy to hot trash i'd love to play it on the air!

    hot trash
    p.o. box 609615
    cleveland, ohio 44109

  4. id be interested in a copy! it could get played on Erins radio show!

  5. Yeah, count me in. Is it cool to send you my address as well?

  6. Send away! I'll get 'em ion the mail as soon as I can!

  7. hey guys 'n' gals, got the vinyl and it's great, right up my(dark)alley! i'm gonna review it on my site once i get it up and running again closer to Halloween. BTW it sounds great at 45 rpm too!...