Monday, June 7, 2010

The Not-So-Final Frontier

We hosted a bonus screening of IT STARTS WITH MURDER to raise money for a DVD release... The attendance was certainly more of a "quality over quantity" affair, which was fine with me. I'd much rather play to a small crowd of devoted friends than a packed room of ambivalent strangers. I'm just a NERVOUS NELLY like that!

(Special shout-outs are due to our pals LYDIA for her generous patronage and JOI for bringing the hype on Yelp! You guys are the bestest!)


In true Hollywood style, production has begun on our new movie before the script is even finished! Enjoy this bonus glimpse into THE GALACTIC JUNGLE...


  1. Aw. Thanks for the shout-out. Too bad today's LJ post makes me sound like a moronic twat.

  2. the sugar shack records pretty alrite, plain garage rock but i kinda like the vocals...sorta raspy. havent got to the rudy video, cant wait though!