Friday, February 5, 2010

Connection: MISSED!

Someone posted THIS as a "Missed Connection" today, and it is OBVIOUSLY about Curvacia VaVoom:

"Basically, I love seeing you around town! You walk around like you own the place, like you're the rock and roll queen of the universe, which you are. This is good. My problem is that I don't see you anymore. You're not serving your community of admirers the way you used to. Maybe you could just spend Saturday afternoon doing some window shopping? Some drinking? Maybe star in more movies, play more shows? To be absolutely clear, if you set the hair up Really Big and wear The White Boots, you would be doing great service to your community. Come on, have a heart! :)

So basically I know the answer to this too, but on the off chance: I WANNA BE YOUR LOVE SLAVE. I can play guitar a little myself, and I could be tuning yours. Getting drinks for you is not too menial for me. How about helping carry things? Do you need a listener? More? I'm happy to help the cause in any way possible. The cause being: YOU!! Because--and I know I'm not alone here-- I can tell that besides being the queen of the rock and roll universe, you are a Great Person to Be Around. "

Seeing as how whoever-it-is referenced the band AND the movie, and seeing as how those are both projects that we very publicly undertake as partners, I can only assume that this person knows she and I AFFILIATED.

So how should I respond to this? Does this guy sound like potential stalker to anyone else? I don't know whether to be paranoid or angry right now. Should I reply to their post as a means of luring them into a trap? Or should I just laugh it off? I'm interested in hearing some thoughts from the void...


  1. That's HILARIOUS. Also, use him for a houseboy. Don't tell me you don't have some litterboxes that need scrubbed, some grout that needs cleaned with a toothbrush. Make him give you free drugs.

  2. I agree with miss Mitzibel. Houseboy or Roadie.

  3. I'm mostly bothered that they used "basically" in BOTH of their beginning sentences. Bad writing.

  4. can you just tell him to fuck off?...

  5. Basically, it sounds to me like this gentleman won't be ignored or denied; what in the fuck did you do to him? Men like this fairly nice guy don't stalk unless tempted. Basicaly.