Friday, January 29, 2010

Blue Friday

I'm depressed. I'm FUCKING depressed! Down-in-the-mouth, I say! But rather than waste precious blog space complaining to the world about how horrible my life is, I'm gonna be proactive and post some music to cheer me up.

No one can be as sad as HANK SNOW.
When Tragedy Struck!

No one can be sad in a TROPICAL PARADISE.
Pianos in Paradise

No one can be sad when the kids are ROCKING OUT.

Psychodelic Sounds

If you've been as blue as Yours Truly lately, give these albums a spin for a TRIPLE SHOT of uplift. It may not be medical science, but it's the surest way I know of to cure the wintertime blues!


  1. Scary! Man, I'm right there w/you! And to make it worse, I CAN'T FIND MY COPY OF HANK SNOW! Rapidshare blows. Megaupload?! Please, before ... tragedy strikes again!

  2. Someone down there likes me. I got it. You made my day.

  3. Hank Snow, he's Canadian eh? My Grandma saw him play somewhere around here where I live. She said she saw him talking down to his staff and she hated him after that.

  4. Jr. & The Soulettes looks awesome, thanx!

  5. Oops-- I didn't post the track listings to any of these albums. Come to think of it, I STILL HAVEN'T! What an unrepentant prick I am!

  6. Looking fwd to slapping these into the iPod & erasing my own mid-winter miseries while I ride the subway home to Boozelyn...err, BROOKlyn. Same place, whatever.

  7. Thanks for the Hank Snow album, which contains the song "Little Buddy", recently made aware to the world as scribbled by a teenage Bob Dylan at summer camp. He wrote down the lyrics to the song and turned it in as poetry for an assignment.