Thursday, November 19, 2009

One Flew East, One Flew West

So... The GLORE PSYCHIATRIC MUSEUM. Located in sunny St. Joseph, MO. Curvacia and I made a pilgrimage three or four years back to investigate. Here are the pictures to prove it.

(BACKGROUND: The Glore is housed in a former state mental hospital. Half of the grounds have been converted for museum space, the other half is now a minimum security prison. There used to be a thrift store in the basement, but unfortunately it was no longer in business at the time of this visit. And I think the use of old department store mannequins in the shock therapy displays seems positively Lynchian, don't you?)

glore 0
glore 1
glore 3
glore 6
glore 4
glore 5

This collection of nails, buttons, and safety pins was removed from an inmates stomach, post-mortem:
glore 2

glore 7
glore 8

glore 9

glore 11
glore 10

glore 12
glore 13

glore 21
glore 14
glore 15
glore 16
glore 17
glore 19
glore 18
glore 20
glore 22
glore 23


  1. This is FANTASTIC! I love that you went and took such great pics. I'm fascinated by crazy person notes.

  2. Your fab page will be linked shortly to a profile on Frances Farmer at

    These pics are amazing -- thanks for sharing, cool people.

  3. The multi-colored notes look like my neighbor wrote them. He is a little off...

  4. I work w/crazy.....mentaly chalanged.people every never gets easier.Never!